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Year: 2017

The Colour of Robots has landed!


That’s right! My first novel, The Colour of Robots, is here.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s science fiction, as defined by the fact it’s got space, spaceships and robots in it. But also an all-female pirate crew and some scientists.
  • It’s even funny in places.
  • You can buy it on kindle (here)
  • And if you like reading words on a page there’s a paperback here
  • If you subscribe to Amazon, you can even read it for free.

So why wouldn’t you? After all you love science fiction and you’re always happy to be amused right?

Here’s the full blurb:

Sci-fi adventure: It is a hundred years since the War with the Robots and the universe is now a much safer place thanks to the Empire’s ‘Anti-Robot’ directive outlawing anything with more artificial intelligence than that required to operate a dustpan.
Therefore it comes as a complete surprise to haphazard junior planetary engineer Karl Dougan when he discovers two fully-functioning, supposedly long-extinct robots on a remote planet.
Sadly for Dougan, he’s the only one who knows anything about it and, lacking the courage to tell anyone else, he sets out to quietly fix things himself.
This takes him on an adventure involving the fleet of the Imperial Navy, space pirates, a determined journalist who doesn’t rate him very highly, a rogue battle computer, and a homicidal, slightly farty, pet cat.

Oh, and seven very driven, acutely intelligent robots…

So there you go, now you’re fully equipped. Head on over. check out the reviews and join us on the journey.

The Colour of Robots on Amazon



Thank you!


This is just a quick thank you to everyone who’s read “The Colour of Robots” and posted a review.

You are lovely people.

If you’ve read “The Colour of Robots” but haven’t yet posted a review – please, please do! It means the world to me and there is NOTHING more valid than YOUR recommendation.


Thanks all.

Check out my Goodreads page too


Look! new! office! – the Lazy Planets’ Back!

Hello! It’s been a while.

Well –  it looks like its been a bit quiet up here at The Lazy Planet towers (basement) but we’ve all been very busy, haven’t we Brian?

Do you mean lazy? I looked them up in the dictionary and “busy” is a very poor desciption of what we’ve been. Especially you. You wouldn’t know “busy” if it punched you, nicked your adress book, then emailed you and all your friends repeatedly to let you know what a lazy f**k you are. Don’t publish that obviously.

While we haven’t managed to secure new funding, Stanley did manage to find some cash he’d “forgotten about”  in our accounts. Plus our new office space has given us a new lease of life and is relatively cheap at 126 pounds a month as long as you remember to get off before Seven Sisters.


Safety in the office is EVERYONE’s concern. The signs AREN”T THERE TO MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY.

Sadly a positive upturn in the real job market meant Linneus and Bethan had to leave us temporarily which meant there was no-one to get the tea in. And staff morale was at an all time low with Brian producing over three hundred posts consisting of the words “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” which I think is from a film or something.. It is with great joy however that I am able to announce that Linneus was fired for inappropriate behaviour and Bethan simply wasn’t as good as she thought she was, so they’re back! Add to that our plan to outsource content from people even less well informed than ourselves and we think we’re on to a winner.

Our New Direction: (Which is actually the old direction. Confused? Yes we were when we were told about it at this morning’s meeting in the car park but we were also told all will become clear so that’s fine, isn’t it?)

With our new lease of life we intent to re-focus our efforts on what we set out to do – bring you the world without actually having to spend any money, or time or effort basically going there and after the phenomonenonominal success of our FOCUS ON LONDON strand we’ve decided to look further afield.

But we have to say we couldn’t do it without you our loyal reader.s

Finally a big thanks to everyone who’s written to us offering to increase our web traffic and bring hundreds more visitors to the site! We’ve been touched.

Before we post again make sure you check out some of our favourite posts which are listed on the site somewhere. [Don’t forget to add the links]

On with the show!

Who’s doing the next one? Can you get on with it please or this could just be embarrassing.

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