Hi. I’m James Marson, a writer based in London.

Most recently I have just finished my first novel, “The Colour of Robots” which you can purchase/read for free if you’re an Amazon subscriber.

Or visit my Author page there, which, until I get a bit more written is slightly sparse.

I also dabble with code in my spare time and have built a suite of reference apps to capture the tools I used to turn to most in writing. You can read about them here.

Occasionally I go flying.

In my time I’ve also created non-broadcast TV comedy pilots, run my own improv shows and musicals, written and performed a comedy murder mystery at the Edinburgh Fringe and forgotten to say the right thing on more occasions than I can remember.

There are some old post at the LazyPlanetBlog which might amuse you.

But really I think you should read my book. It’s a jolly good read, even if I am somewhat biased.