The Colour of Robots is James Marson’s first novel. It’s a science fiction adventure with a touch of humour.

┬áIt is a hundred years since the War with the Robots and the universe is a much safer place thanks to the Empire’s ‘Anti-Robot’ directive outlawing anything with more artificial intelligence than that required to operate a dustpan. So it comes as something of a surprise to junior planetary engineer Karl Dougan when he discovers two fully-functioning, supposedly long-extinct robots on a remote planet.

His plan of quietly ignoring this worrying event doesn’t quite pan out as he expects, setting in motion an adventure involving space pirates, a pretty and determined journalist, a rogue battle computer, and seven very driven, acutely intelligent, robots…

What Amazon readers are saying about THE COLOUR OF ROBOTS:

“Loved this book. Science fiction at its best.”
“… a great first novel…”
“…carefully written with excellent observational humour.”
“…kept me awake until 04:00, couldn’t put it down”
“… combines well-plotted adventure with an archetypal story, spiked with laugh out loud asides.”

James Marson combines his love of humour, science fiction and adventure in this debut novel suitable for readers of most ages and fans of sci-fi and general fiction alike.

As one reviewer kindly puts it…
“Do yourself a massive favour and buy this book…”

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